Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rock Revival's Best Albums of 2008- Metal, Indie, Blues Rock and More..

It's nearly the end of the year and time for Rock Revival to nominate it's best albums of 2008.

Best Metal Album:Opeth Watershed

No other album blew my head of like this one, brutal, intelligent, can the word 'moving' be used for an album like this ? A revelation.

Best Prog Album: Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet

Hypnotic as always, keeping the flame alive

Best Jazz Fusion Album:John McLaughlin Floating Point

Electrified Shakti but even better. The Indian musicians almost out do McLaughlin, a joyful, complex tour de force

Best Indie Album: Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes channel Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. It grows on you but when it has its phenomenal

Best Melodic Album: Brother Firetribe Heart Full of Fire

Better than the original 80's melodic rock; it's full of beautiful cliches, happy music !

Best Blues Rock:North Mississippi Allstars Hernando

Wow! Blues and blues-rock brilliance, another revelation, especially 'I 'd Love to be a Hippy'

Best Re-Release: Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue

A remastered lost classic from Brian's brother; easily outshines Brian's effort this year

Best Back From the Dead Album:Whitesnake Good To Be Bad

Soft-cocks find their mojo in their later years; this album kicks arse (forgive the mixed metaphors)

Best Pop Album: Panic at the Disco Pretty.Odd

Surprise of the year for me: Beatlesesque and my 12 year old daughter loves it to.

Best Mash-Up: GirlTalk Feed the Animals

An encylopedia of sound, 70's classic rock mixed with hip-hop and much else. It's an album...and a quiz

Best Hip-Hop: The Streets Everythings Borrowed

UK 'rapper' can make you dance and break your heart

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