Friday, November 7, 2008

Rock Revival's Best Albums of 2008 (So Far...)

In a month or so it will be the time everyone comes out with their Best Albums of 2008 lists, so i am thinking about mine; here's where I currently stand

What about you guys ??

1. Opeth Watershed

No other album blew my head of like this one, brutal, intelligent, can the word 'moving' be used for an album like this ?

2. John McLaughlin Floating Point

This album was a revelation, electrified Shakti, John is nearly outdone by the Indian musicians who accompany him; formidable

3. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes

This album will be on everyones list ? Well... its already on Pierro Scarufi's

4. Brother Firetribe Heart Full of Fire

Better than the original 80's melodic rock; it's full of beautiful cliches, happy music !

4 North Mississippi Allstars Hernando

Wow! Blues and blues-rock brilliance, another revelation, especially 'I 'd Love to be a Hippy'

5. Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue

A remastered lost classic from Brian's brother; easily outshines Brian's effort this year

6. Whitesnake Good To Be Bad

Soft-cocks find their mojo in their later years; this album kicks arse (forgive the mixed metaphors)

7. Panic at the Disco Pretty.Odd

Surprise of the year for me: Beatlesesque and my 12 year old daughter loves it to.

8. GirlTalk Feed the Animals

An encylopedia of sound, 70's classic rock mixed with hip-hop and much else. It's an album...and a quiz

9.The Streets Everythings Borrowed

Just came out, this UK 'rapper' can make you dance and break your heart

10. Foals Antidotes

One of many post-punk revival albums i loved; this one beats the rest

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

wow....I am goinng to check some of these out!!! Thanks!