Friday, November 7, 2008

Curtis Mayfield: The Soul of Soul !

There is no point of having a Funk Week without reference to Curtis Mayfield.

Curtis Mayfield is the man that brought social consciousness to soul in the 70's, lesser known than Marvin Gaye or Gil Scott Heron but equal if not better

He was also a brilliant guitarist and cited by Hendrix as a major influence

He's best known for the blaxploitation soundtrack 'Superfly', a much deeper, smarter album than Isaac Hayes Shaft. The Soundtrack outsold the movie itself

There is a whole world of Curtis to explore; thirty albums !!

He was paralysed in 1990 when a lighting rig fell on him.....he died in 1999...

Here are two of the most powerful anti-drugs songs you'll ever hear....

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow. I feel like I've just met him through your post and the videos. Of course I knew who he was and have always admired his style and vocals but never "knew him" till now. Thanks