Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock Revival's 1000th Post

Making 1000 has caused me to reflect on the blog and the direction it is going in ? Its been reasonably read (90,ooo hits in around 10 months) but there are far too few comments....

So why do I do it, i ask myself, given all the work ? It used to be to write features for my radio show on Sydney FM radio so had alot about news and new releases but sadly this show has been axed due to a bankrupt radio station

Have contemplated doing a Podcast Radio show but the legal problems are too big

I will press on, however, but my motives have changed to be more purely about learning about music. Writing posts in an excuse to research and learn and simply for the love of writing and definitely a much needed distraction from work

Expect alot more weeks dedicated to specific genres of music. Not sure what do to next / Any requests ?

I will also probably go back to writing for WNEW again; Untold Stories in Rock or something like that

I did have the idea of doing some sort of tag team with other blogs on the history of rock; eg: I start with the Mississippi Delta and the next person has to tag on what they think is the next important event in the history of rock until we get to the present?

1 comment:

The RIpple Effect said...

Which ever direction you go, keep it up. I, for one, dig your site.

Maybe someday we could do a tag event with you!