Monday, November 3, 2008

Fashion Crimes of the 1980's: Are You Guilty ?

Oh my God, Gag Me with a Spoon, these are Rock Revival's top, Rad, Tubular and Gnarly fashions from the 1980's.

I am personally guilty of 1,6,7 and 10, how about you ?

1 Acid Wash Jeans (or complete outfits)

2. The Shell Suit

3. Bouffant Prom Queen Hair

Anna Nicoles big 80's hair

4. Leg Warmers

5. The Preppy Look

6. New Romantic Hairdo's

7. Hats Worn Tilted Back

8. Mullets

9. Shoulder Pads (check the size of the yuppy mobile, plus collarts-up is another one and the big glasses)

10. Shredded Jeans

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