Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rock Revival Quiz

Here's a quiz for all you music obsessed people, winner gets a copy of the brilliant 2007 album by 'Days Between Stations' (think modernised Dark Side of Moon)

1. Which british New wave artist repopularised Krautrock ?

2. Name a jazz fusion artist known for his mastery of the Synth Axe ?

3. Whas the name of the blues-rock band fronted by Ronnie james Dio before he crossed over to Rainbow ?

4. Did Gram Parson's ever appear on a Byrds album ?

5. Name three artists that had a massive influence on the Beatles ?

6. What band was ted Nugent in before he went solo ?

7. Which jazz arranger did Jimi Hendrix nearly collaborate with before his death ?

8. Name 2 US Festivals of the late 60's apart from Monterey and Woodstock ?

9. Who was painting the ceiling when the Rolling Stones first entered Chess Studios to record an album ?

10. Name five covers of Stairway to Heaven ?

11. Who is Jack Black's Rock God ?

12. Which member of CSN&Y has had the most problems with the law ?

13. Whats the name of Bob Dylan's radio show ?

14. What is the only Led Zep song to feature a female vocalist ?

15. What is Cropreddy ?

16. What is the nickname for fans of Uriah Heep ?

17. What kind of music did jerry garcia play before the Daed ?

18. How did Duane Allman die ?

19. What is the name of BB King's guitar ?

20. Which instrument is Billy Cobham famous for ?

Good luck, I'll send the winner with the most points the album in the mail.....

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