Friday, November 14, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums (1997) Godspeed You Black Emperor 'F#A# Infinity'


I just listended to this album a day ago while i went for a walk to get some excercise, I had little idea of what I would experience

Godspeed You Black Emperor are a Canadian post-rock band, maybe 'the' post-rock band who play rock instruments, including prepared guitars with no solos, riffs, melody and only a beat every now and then

That really doesnt describe them well, the atmosphere they create is really quite incredible

F#A# Infinity was their first studio album, an album that concerns itself with documenting in sound what it would be like to be present in America during or after the apocolypse

Devastation, darkness, a brooding voice why listen, who wants to get depressed....

If you listen to the whole album at one go its possible to hear more

You can small something esle in the air if you listen closely; its five minutes before salvation, if you believe in such a thing, the darkest hour before we see the point of it all and the hope of liberation.........for some reason their music is beautiful........terrible dread with the smell of hope in the air........everything the Evangelical has tried to wipe out with his Jesus who is all victory and no cross.................

Well, thats alittle deeper than usual for me but this album really surprised me....

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