Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Country Covers Rock: The Best Ten Tracks

Country ? On Rock Revival ? Well there is such a thing as good country, in fact excellent country, have you tried Guy Clarke ? Patty Griffin ? John Prine !?

There's more to Lyle Lovett than Julia Roberts and more to country-rock than Gram Parsons ?If you need rock to give you a bit of hand to get into it, here's ten tracks to give you a hand...

1. Friend of the Devil: Lyle Lovett (almost better than the Grateful Dead version ?)

2. Landslide: Dixie Chicks (I dare you to try their take on the Fleetwod Mac classic, it's a surprise)

3. A Satisified Mind: Johnny Cash (the master does Dylan, he also does Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, now thats really the blues)

4. Walk of Life: Shooter Jennings (hillbilly take on the great Dire Straits track)

5. Tiny Dancer: Tim McGraw (alright.....yes, Tim is a bit of a dag, but this take on one of Elton's best songs works really well)

6. Stairway to Heaven: Dolly Parton (now this is a real test, she does it serious, there's more to her than it seems)

7. Wonderwall: Ryan Adams (the king of alt country takes on the kings of Oasis, beautiful)

8. Tracks of My Tears: Patty Griffin (ok, Tracks.. isnt rock, but this is really brilliant)

9. Rockin All Over the World: John Fogerty (countrified swamp version, rescuing Status Quo from themselves)

10. Redemption Song: Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash (the Man in Black and Joe from the Clash do Marley, Heaven !)

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