Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes Replaces Jon Anderson with Cover Band Vocalist !

First it was Boston, then Journey, now the kings of prog rock, Yes. seem to have recruited a fan to take over the vocals from Jon Anderson.

Jon Anderson's has been ill lately causing the cancellation of their US Summer Tour and will be replaced by Benoit David from the cover band, Close to the Edge. Oliver Wakeman, son of Rick, also playes keyboards !

Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White will join these two whippersnappers for a tour at the end of the year


Isorski said...

As I posted yesterday at, I think this is a bad move. Call it something else, but it's not Yes without Anderson. Unless the band pulls out rarities, no die hard yes fan will bother with this, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Though they were recorded before I was born, I've great admiration for the musical inventiveness that Yes displayed in their first five records. For that reason, I've investigated the band's history and have learnt about the remarkable drive, determination, and sheer musical genius of the band's chief architect and founder, Jon Anderson.

So it is very sad to learn how, as the band approached its 40th anniversary, and Jon developed health problems that prevented him form touring to celebrate that anniversary, Msrs. Squire, Howe and Allen made the decision not to wait for Jon to recover from his illness but replaced him, instead, with a karaoke-singing-croissant - all without so much as bothering to inquire about Jon's health, much less consult with him about their plans to tour without him!

Thus, the sheer disrespect that they have shown towards the man whose creative energy and vision has been the guiding light behind the band's entire history, simply reflects the extent to which Squire and Howe, in particular, put their own monetary interests ahead of the band's musical and personal integrity.

Simply put, it is very clear that Squire and Howe's decision to tour without Jon is motivated by nothing more than sheer greed and utter stupidity!

How despicable!!!