Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rock Revival's Most Boring Bands/Artists in the Universe !

1. Coldplay

The ultimate bland-rock band. Only Rhythms Del Mundo saves them with their salsa version of 'Clocks'

2. Snow Patrol

Much blander but coming in at number 2 because they are less popular

3. James Blunt

Put at number 3 because it would be too obvious to put him at number 1

4. John Lennon

Comes in at number 4 due to the blandest song of all time, Imagine. Get back to Nutopia

4. U2

The music is pretty good but Bono makes it boring

5. Norah Jones

Has she heard of Billy Holiday! The new Kenny G

6. Duffy

Has she heard of Aretha Franklin ? The new Amy Winehouse ?

7. Eric Clapton

Ok, not as bad as Coldplay but not as good as Rory Gallagher

8. The Rolling Stones

Ok, I love the Stones, should have said The Stones Live is boring

9. Kanye West

The best rapper he certainly is not; ahem...compare with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Wiley......US rap is pretty boring compared with UK

10. Genesis

OK, I put this one in just to get a few comments...

Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys

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