Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hawkwind - The Text Of Festival (Live 1970-1972) Release 13 October 2008

The exact source of these recordings is a mystery; like some ancient space debris found floating in the cosmos; nobody is quite sure how they came to be. The best assumption is that they were somehow gleaned from a radio using the most primitive of recording devices. This is testament to their originator as the sound quality, though not up to BBC standards, is certainly very good. This CD really shows Hawkwind at a formative stage, some of tracks recorded before they were fully one year old. It was only in August 1969 when “Group-X” as they were first called, had subjected an unsuspecting audience at the All Saints Hall in Ladbroke Grove to what was to become their trademark charged throbbing outbursts. This is reflected in a tendency to have long jamming passages in the tracks; a technique they perfected during their Space Ritual phase. Essentially the album is in two parts; the first six tracks coming from their first ever BBC sessions recorded between 1970 and 1971. The second half comprises of part of a recorded gig at Colchester Technical College in February 1971.

1. Master Of The Universe
2. Dreaming
3. Shouldn't Do That
4. Hurry On A Sundown
5. Paranoia / See It As You Really Are
6. I Do It
7. Improvise... Comprise... Reprise

(Eastworld distributed by Plastic Head)

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