Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1971): Ramases 'Space Hymns'

Ok, when i say 'forgotten' classics i really mean with this one, an excellent psych folk album, but certainly one that isnt heard very often (apparently it's a cult classic on South Africa)

Ramases is what happens when a man called Martin Raphael, born in Sheffield, UK, takes time off from his involvement in a central heating business in Scotland to turn into the Egyptian Pharoah he belives he is reincarnated from. He recruits soon-to-be members of
10cc and records an album

Acoustic guitar, moog and sitar are used to tell the story of.... how shall I put it ?

Let the liner notes explain

This album is dedicated to the earth people who are unusual because they have begun to pause, look back, and wonder where they have come from and why, and where they are going to! The earth is a living thing just as we are and has a soul as we do. You look at the heavens through a telescope. Reverse the telescope and you have a microscope through which (if powerful enough), you would see almost the same sight. (Electrons in orbit around their stars.) "In my father's house there are many mansions" (The Bible). We are most probably existing on a molecule inside the material of, perhaps, a living thing in the next size up. The rocket ship shape of churches probably dates back to Moses' visit to speak to God on the mountain and what he saw there

This is not an album to buy if you want groundbreaking brilliance: it is pretty funny, certainly spacey and has a nice mix of west and east !

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