Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who Loves the Plasmatics ? Priestess of Punk


The Plasmatics are largely forgotten in this era, where if you look like a punk it doesnt really matter if the music sounds like the top 40.

Back in New York's CBGB's in the late 70's punk was on the boil and the Plasmatics, led by the taboo-smashing anarchist Wendy-O, were the most outrageous act of all

Classic Rock Magazine described The Plasmatics as "the biggest live attraction in New York...and the media was on them like white on rice...they scared the record companies shitless. It's one thing to play at subversiveness, but The Plasmatics, unlike other Punk bands... put their Punk philosophy into action."

Their first album was New Hope for the Wretched Era (1980) launched them from New York accross America.

They had a pretty astouding stage show involving chainsawing guitars, smashing cars, destroying tv's with a sledgehammer. This kind of approach to live events hadnt been seen since Alice Cooper.

They made many more albums until 1988, some under the name of the Plasmatics and some under Wendy-O's name.

Coup D'Etat from 1982 is widely recognised as a critical milestone in the blending of punk and metal.

Sadly Wendy comitted suicide in 1998

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