Friday, August 15, 2008

Who Loves Maceo Parker ? The Real Godfather of Funk ?

Look, I know this is supposed to be Rock Revival but I just have to mention on of the most amazing musicians there has ever been, the master of funk, Maceo Parker

Maceo made his name in the 60's supporting James Brown on sax, joining him again in the 80's

While the sax was a critical part of James Brown's sound it's Maceo's solo work (17 albums) that really sets him apart in my mind.

Listen to the live album 'Life in Planet Groove' from 1992 and you'll quickly see that his skills as band leader and vocalist make him the funkiest man ever to set foot on planet earth. If you dare to listen to 'Soul Power' on this album there is a risk you may never listen to rock again (ok, a bit of an over statement)

No wonder Prince has relied on him for so long to spice up his sometimes limp band, he's also played with every other funk musician who means anything: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, plus albums by Brian Ferry, Keith Richards, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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