Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rock Revival's Top 25 Space-Rock Tracks: Beyond the Final Frontier

OK, this list isnt all space-rock in it's true sense ala Bowie or Hawkwind but it's all tracks inspired by space. From the range hip-hop of Dr Octagon, to the jazz-prog antics of Gong, from the simple genius of early Elton to the folk of Dan Bern, from the early prog of Floyd to latest epics by the Mars Volta........I give you, space, beyond rock's final frontier.......

1. Starman David Bowie

2. Silver machine Hawkwind

3. Astromony Domine Pink Floyd

4. Astronomy Blue Oyster Cult

5. Space Truckin Deep Purple

6. Spacelord Monster Magnet

7. Shima Koto Ozric Tentacles

8. Spaceman Babylon Zoo

9. Cicatrix Esp Mars Volta

10.The Planet's Hum Spock's Beard

11.Earth People Dt Octagon

12.Flying Teapot Gong

13.Ladies and Gentlemen Spiritualised

14.Talkin Alient Abduction Blues Dan Bern

15.Born Under Saturn Samael

16.Rocketman Elton John

17.Moonshield In Flames

18.Anus of Uranus Klaatu

19.Nightflight to Uranus Datarock

20.Livin Astro Kool Keith

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