Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock Revival's Time Capsule (1968): Donovan Teaches the Beatles In India

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Many people think that the Beatles music was totally unique and of course this is totally unture.

Their brilliance lay in soaking up what was going on around them musically and presenting it in a popular format that everyone could enjoy, including Beat music (ie: the Beat-les), psychedelia (eg: Magic Mystery Tour) and country-rock (ie: Let It Be, strongly influenced by The Band)

One other influence was Donovan, one of the most important characters in British folk, although one of thousands of great psychedelic folk bands.

Donovan was mates with the Beatles and went with them on their famous trip to India to study Transcendental Meditation (Mike Love from the Beach Boys was there to)

Many of the songs off the White album were created while they were there.

One new thing about this album was the more sophisticated finger picking guitar sound (eg: Blackbird, Mother Nature's Son); this came from Donovan who taught John and Paul and on this trip. Prior to the acoustic guitar had mainly served to play rhythm

Jabberwocky - Donovan

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