Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Post-Modern Prog: Days Between Stations Debut Rescues Pink Floyd From The'70's !


The Kings of Leon bring Lynyrd Skynyrd, Electric Wizard brings Sabbath, Spock's Beard brings Gentle Giant, Wolfmother brings Uriah Heep... but spare a thought for Pink Floyd and Genesis, who is going to bring them into the 21st Century !

One band that just might do it is 'Days Between Stations' , an LA band whose debut album is a pretty special find......

Think Ozric Tentacles doing Pink Floyd's Animals, Mogwai doing Kayleigh, bring back the prog guitar solo and you just about have it.....

No wonder keyboardists Oscar Fuentes calls it "post-prog", there's even a reconstituted version of Great Gig in the Sky thanx to vocalist Hollie Shepard, plus the hums of Steve Reich and Orb-type 'fluffy-cloud' moments that send it into a more ambient mode than classic prog...

If you think i am alone in my praise check what others have said:

“The group describe their style as art rock and post-prog. Perhaps, but its main force is the melodic ambiance created which is, in my view, more space rock, almost mesmerizing and trance inducing. Their music is never heavy or metal sounding. The intricacy and complexity of the composition with the choice of instruments makes this debut album an instant classic." Proggnosis

“All in all, Days Between Stations gives us a well rounded take on “young" space rock (or post-prog, if you please) with a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of scenario and orchestrations. Reassuring to see that the genre is passing into competent hands." Progressive Ears

“... a ghostly museum where Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Divine Comedy, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Air or Anathema stand next to one another... with a touching modesty and a disturbing humanity, the musicians act like experienced pilots. They invite us to take a seat in this train of life, for an internal journey, using a rhythm displayed with an impressive regularity." Progressia

“Days Between Stations has to be one of the most exciting prog bands I've heard in many years! ... this is a pure magic progressive rock album... “ ProgPlanet

This one's for Rock Revival's Top 10 Contemporary Albums of 2008

Highly Reccomended

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