Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Adventurous Are You ? Random Touch's Ninth and Tenth Albums "A Box and a Word' and 'Duologue' Channel Frank Zappa

CD Cover Image from A Box and a WordCD Cover Image from Dialogue

It's pretty impossible to pidgeon-hole prolific group Random Touch, a band that draws on traditions of improvisation from rock and 20th century classical.

This an album you could kind of imagine Frank Zappa doing, electric guitarist extraordinaire but lover of Varese, although here is not so much of the respective silliness or atonality of these two 'mad scientists'

Here's how the band describe it.

"The thing about Random Touch that I like is the effect of just a sound, a sound that will get right into your bloodstream. It starts effecting your emotions. It's just magic." - James Day, keyboardist

"Unlike traditional musicians who seek to hone their skills to a point of utter control, we veer away when technique would make us too predictable. We know we need freshness and a sense of fun, and our pursuit of these inevitably leads to using instruments, genres and every day objects in ways that were never intended. When we play we don't know where we are going or how we are getting there. Discovering the answers to these questions, in real time, is pure musical joy." - Christopher Brown

For Aussie readers the closest thing I can relate to it is the jazz ensemble The Necks; I saw them live at the Sydney Opera House last year for 70 minutes of pure improvisation, quite an experience.

If you listen closely you can also hear Pharoah Sanders, Jack DeJohnette, The Books and the wierd bits of the White Album:

On June 6, this year Random Touch released their their ninth and tenth albms, 'Duologue' and 'A Box and a Word'

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