Friday, August 8, 2008

Pink Floyd - The Early Pink Floyd (Documentary) DVD Due For Release August 25 2008

This package covers the band’s early years, from their inception and across the period during which the extraordinary talent that was Syd Barrett led the band, through the first few post-Barrett albums, before focusing on what many consider to be the first ‘real Pink Floyd album’, Meddle.

Essentially, this two part film cover the period before which Pink Floyd became a household name, prior to their huge global success, and in advance of the massive worldwide tours which later took up so much of their time and energy. Featuring interviews with Floyd members and those who knew them best, rare archive footage, live and studio recordings of the best known tracks from this era, as well as numerous other features, The Early Pink Floyd is the most detailed, enlightening and entertaining documentary on this part of Floyd’s astonishing career yet to

• DVD Extra Features include; Extended Interviews, Contributor Biographies, Digital Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett challenge and much more.
• Roger Waters’ world tour finishes at the end of this month
• Glastonbury Festival’s much publicised turning down of Gilmour who offered to headline this years event

Due to be released on 25 Aug 2008

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