Monday, August 18, 2008

Lounge 101: Cool To Be Corny

Ok, this is where I completely lose any credibility as a rock afficianado, the statement that while i have a copy of Leaf Hound's Growers of Mushroom I am also a closet lover of lounge music.....

Now that all the closed minded people have gone let me tell you all about my guilty secret.

What is lounge music ? It's a lose grouping of all that is corny

a. Starting with exotica from the 50's and 60's (think Martin Denny, cheap imitation bossa nova, salsa made into a palatable sound for post-war America)

b. Including swinging music like Bobby Darin or Burt Bacharach

c. Revived in the 90's by the likes of Pink Martini and Stereolab

d. Satirised by the great Richard Cheese and the Lounge Against the Machine (great Metallicca and Nirvana covers done in lounge style)

Why like this 'rubbish'?

Because kitsch is kool too, because you need a palat cleanser between Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard, because rock doesnt have enough of a sense of humor etc.

Ten Tracks to get you going

1. Black Coffee Julie London
2. Alfie Burt Bacharach
3. Last Tango in Paris Gotan Project
4. Black Orchid Martin Denny
5. Heart of Glass Nouvelle Vague
6. Felicidade Pink Martini
7. Magalenha: Sergio Mendes
8. The Shadow of Your Smile Lou Rawls
9. Its Not Unusual Tom Jones
10. Granada Xavier Cugat

Ok back to Steppenwolf

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