Monday, August 18, 2008

Ian Paice 'On the Drums' DVD Release October 6, 2008; A Must Have For All Aspiring Drummers

When you think about the best drummers in classic rock go can't go past Ian Paice, long time drummer of Deep Purple and a man who was actually influenced by jazz greats Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.

If you dont beleive me just listen to You Fool Noone of the Burn album

Ian has also played in Whitesnake and the Gary Moore Band and been a guest on more albums than you can count, including Jon Lord's, Geoge Harrison's and Paul McCarteny's.

During their last world tour that - in response to many requests - Ian Paice came up with plans for a DVD to enable people to study his playing style and technique in detail, allowing fans and aspiring drummers to witness his technique up close, watch as he demonstrates riffs and answers questions. The end result is a unique DVD, 2 hours of specially filmed material including on and off stage footage, interviews, live and studio work

Ian Paice 'On the Drums' will be released October 6, 2008

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