Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jimmy Page To Perform at Beijiing Olympics Closing Ceremony ?

The Mirror Newspaper in the Uk has just come out with the news that Jimmy Page will play at the closing ceremony of the Olympics with looker (but pretty awful singer) Leona Lewis.

London has quite a stake in the closing ceremony, to be held August 24, given China will handover to London. where the event will be held in 2012

David Beckham will also arrive on top a red double-decker buses - before he kicks a football into the crowd to celebrate.

An insider said: "It is set to be one of the most mind-blowing spectacles ever. David was elated to be asked to take part, as was everyone who has been invited.

"Having a rock god like Jimmy Page and a singer like Leona Lewis performing together for the first time will certainly be something to remember.

"The amount of planning is staggering. It will be truly momentous - and a fitting send-off as London takes up the 2012 challenge."

Can we believe this ? Why Leona Lewis ?

At the end of each Olympics, the next host puts on an eight-minute show. Organisers had already confirmed that dancers from urban group ZooNation will be joined by performers from the Royal Ballet and CandoCo, a disabled dance company.


LZepper said...

Why Leona Lewis? Now her own music may not be everyone's cup of tea (in fact it may be more of a mug of arsenic) but she has a terrific voice and as a live performer blows many of today's stars away.

She's young (very Olympian) and has enjoyed huge global success this year from the USA to Australia, South America to Asia. Her being of mixed race also helps in the idea of promoting London as a multi-cultural city.

There's also the fact she's from Hackney and could comfortably walk to the site of the Olympics from her home so could be claimed to be truly representative of the local area.

You may not like her music but it's a pretty logical fit for the ceremony when thought through.

What's stranger for me is the involvement of a legendary musician like Jimmy Page! He's hardly the first person you'd think they'd ask, and you'd question why he would even want to get involved.

Anonymous said...

Leona Lewis is Awesome. Listen to her sing (live on radio) Snow Patrol - lots on Youtube. You will hear what millions around the world are hearing -- a powerful, emotional and beautiful singer with a very true clear voice,