Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brutal But Green ? Gojira's New Album 'The Way of All Flesh' Due October 13, 2008

Love very heavy metal, love prog rock, love the environment ? A bit crazy ? Pissed off at something ? Then Gojira are the perfect band for you!

Gojira is a metal band formed in 1996 in Bayonne, France (formerly known as Godzilla), the perfect band for anyone who has half a brain but still likes to put their remaining neurons to the test every now and then with some quite extreme heaviness

Gojira is working on their new album, their 4th, The Way of All Flesh to be released October 13

Joe Duplantier (vocals and guitar) recently told Revolver magazine,

"I would say that it's the logical next album. It's more intense, more brutal, and more melodic at the same time — it's more everything! I'm very happy with the new songs and the recording is very good. I think it was a good thing for us to come to the States to work with Logan on the drum tracking because it really brought something — it's more tight, it's more powerful. I'm very positive about the new production, and even the writing is more straight to the point, more one tempo. We still have a lot of double bass, very fast, and at the same time there are melodies."

One of the great things about the band is that they seem to be free of the normal serious mental health problems of death metal bands: no devils, no blood, in fact their songs mirror their spiritual beliefs in the immortality of the soul and their serious concern for the environment.

There's something new, death metal and no need to have your own travelling excorsist or psychiatrist to help you once you turn to cd off ! Go boys !


Anonymous said...

I think your opinion about people who listen to death metal is un-educated, ridiculous, offensive, and absolutely incorrect. Many studies show that individuals who listen to underground metal (anything beyond nu-metal and mainstream rock) display self-motivation and higher scores on IQ tests.

some people.

paul said...

interesting ? got a reference to the research, id love to read it.....this is not sarcastic, i understand listening to mainstreamm music means you dont think, this is a bigger risk to our mental health than anything by a thousand fold....the real satan if you will!