Monday, July 7, 2008

The Ultimate Mash-Up Classic Rock Hip-Hop Album: Girl Talk 'Feed the Animals'

Image:Feed the Animals.jpg

I have to thank the folks at Glide Mag's Hidden Track for this one, not one for your purest rock fans but a mash-up album that is completely choc-a-bloc full of as many rock samples as you can think of : Styx, Procol, Harum, Rod Stewart, Radiohead, Cat Stevens, the Police, Phil Collins, Hendrix, Argent, Queen, the Guess Who, Chicago, Thin Lizzy, Twisted Sister and hundreds more.

Feed the Animals is the fourth album by Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis), composed almost entirely of samples taken from other artists' songs. It's also being sold completely free a la In Rainbows

To "make it easier for people to get their hands on the music, which is my number one priority."

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