Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Motorhead's New Release Motorizer Due August 26


Motörhead, born in 1975, inhabited consistiently by Lemmy for nearly 35 years is THE British heavy metal band

Lemmy has little time for the thrash and speed metal bands who claim Motorhead as an influence

'They've just got the wrong bit. They think that being fast and loud is the whole thing and it isn't. The guitar solos are not really difficult for a guitar player, it's just playing scales. To feel a solo and bend into it & I mean Hendrix is the best guitarist you've ever seen in your life. And he learned from people like Buddy Guy, Lightnin' Hopkins and people like that inspired Hendrix. To be influenced by something, you're gonna have to play it the same'

For Lemmy it's not thrash, speed, death, doom: it's 'just rock and roll".

Motörizer is the title of their 20th studio album due for an August 26 2008 release.

Track list

1. (Teach You How To) Sing the Blues
2. Time Is Right
3. Heroes
4. Runaround Man
5. English Rose
6. Rock Out
7. 1000 Names
8. When the Eagle Screams
9. Don't Die Ashamed
10. Back on the Chain
11. Buried Alive

Image: Courtesy Steamhammer

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