Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Ten Best Albums of 2008 (So Far)

It's half-way through 2008, already and their have been so many great new releases this year. Here's Rock Revival's Top Twenty

1 Opeth Watershed

Death metal that you can actually listen too; brilliant prog achievement; take the time to get into it and you'll agree

2 Brother Firetribe Heart Full of Fire

Melodic rock revival from Scandinavia; happiest album of the year

3 Whitesnake Good to be Bad

Back to the early days of blues-rock

4 Marus Miller Marcus

This is jazz fusion; the best bassist alive

5 Black Mountain In the Future

Hang on, sounds like early proto-metal

6 Foals Antidotes

Hey, young people can do it too !

7 Def Leppard Songs From the Sparkle Lounge

Corny ? Yes. Excellent ? Definitely

8 Panic at the Disco Pretty.Odd

This years surprise album, it charted and was goood

9 Uriah Heep Wake the Sleeper

They still have it

10 Steve Winwood Nine Lives

Goodonya Steve for not following Rod and Elton's footsteps to mediocrity

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