Sunday, July 6, 2008

Get Your Free Band-Approved New Track From Buckcherry Album "Black Butterfly" Due Sreptember 23 2008

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In a bizarre turn of events neo-sleaze heroes, Buckcherry are advertising a torret link to a track off their new album, stated to be a leak

Here's what they said

"We're out on the road again, and just played a killer first show on Crüe Fest 2008 in West Palm Beach, Florida.
It's come to our attention that one of the tracks off our new album has leaked out on the net. Honestly, we hate it when this shit happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first."

Here is the link to officially find the song 'Too Drunk...'. We're gonna go try and find time over the next few days to make a down and dirtyv ideo for it. Enjoy the new song and we're looking forward to putting out the new album in a couple of months! "

Here's the link

Too Drunk..." will be on their new album "Black Butterfly", due on September 23. The Japanese version is due August 27.

Image: Atlantic

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