Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock Revival's Time Capsule (The 90's): Grrrl Power, The Rise of Feminism in Rock


There is a real danger that the history of rock is portrayed as the His-story of blokes, but the 90's saw some significant changes.

With the 'indie-decade' came feminism, a host of singer-songwriters and indie rockers that were clearly a new breed. Yes, there always had been significant women's voices (Joan Baez, Joni, Kate Bush, etc) but this was different

"We are the weird girls who didn't fit in,"
reads the declaration by the Bohemian Women's Political Alliance from 1993. "We are the little girls your parents wouldn't let you play with, we are the teen-agers who dressed in black, the bad girls who climbed out of our bedroom windows after dark and caught taxis home at dawn. We are the daughters of Lilith, Lily Munster, Patti Smith and Emma Goldman. We are the women your preachers warn you about."

Be it the grunge of Hole, Bikini Kill or L7, the harmonies of the Indigo Girls, the folk of Ani Di Franco or the gender-bending classic rock of the Donnas the message was clear: 'get out of the way, we're coming through !!'

Some classic tracks:

1. Fuck and Run Liz Phair
2. Rebel Girl Bikini Kill
3. Miss World Hole
4. Not Angry Antmore Ani Di Franco
5. I Dont Want to Know The Donnas
6. Closer to Fine Indigo Girls
7. Seether Veruca Salt
8. Talkin Bout a Revolution Tracey Chapman
9. Ironic Alanis Morrisette
10. The Bomb L7

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