Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Loves Derek Trucks ? Duane Allman Reincarnated

I am embarrassed to admit that I have only just come accross Derek Trucks, the man widely recognised as one of the greatest slide guitarists since Duane Allman, and that's really saying something.

He first took up the guitar at age 9 and by age 12, he was considered by the Allman Brothers Band to be second only to Duane; he actually sat in on jams in his place in the band and by 14 was touring.

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Now at the age of 29 he still plays with them (he is after all Butch Trucks nephew), plays live with Eric Clapton and leads the astounding Derek Trucks Band, focussing on blues but also on jazz fusion.

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Trucks is ranked #81 on the Rolling Stones list of Top 100 Guitarists

John Mayer says Butch's speciality is "making the guitar sound like a female singer from like, the '50s or '60s, just belting it out."

Great tracks ? Check out Pleasant Gardens from Out of The Madness (fusion), Joyful Noise from album of the same name (Fusion), Drown in My Own Tears from Soul Serenade (blues), or Death Letter from Out of the Madness (acoustic slide)

Images: Courtesy Epic/Landslide/Columbia

ps: thanx some dude for the correction


Some Dude said...

He's actually Butch Trucks nephew, not his son.

Nightwatcher said...

Derek's arguably the finest slide guitarist in rock at the moment. I'd highly recommend the Allman Brothers' 'Live At The Beacon' DVD as he and Warren Haynes are incredibly good together, and there are quite a few moments when you'll just go "Whoah".

If you get a chance to be sure to see Derek and his wife Susan Tedeschi (who is an incredible guitarist in her own right) on tour.

If Derek had a larger than life stage presence he'd most likely be a household name, although he is in some households already. Even standing stock still he's one of the best to pick up the instrument. Kudos Paul for featuring Derek!