Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uriah Heep Wake the Sleeper Gets Rave Reviews

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Uriah Heep's Wake the Sleeper has to be the most exciting release of the month or even the year for fans of 70's rock. It's only been out a week and the reviews are all in high praise of the band. Here's some outakes, check out the sites for the full review...

Running to a dozen tracks, the Heep’s latest offering simmers down somewhat for the final third, hence its near-perfect, but not quite perfect scoring. The preceding eight tracks, however, are a veritable treasure trove of visceral melodic hard rock that will have fans salivating and should by rights convert many more.
The Record Collector

Heep is back. A 10 year wait that , in the end, was worth it....
I liked very much SOL and Sonic but for a Heep fan it was kind of a let down, there was something missing. With this album, everything has fallen into place. The early Heep sound is back on about all of the songs...
A big and enthusiastic 5 star
Prog Archives

Well, it's been 10 long years since a new Uriah Heep CD landed on my doorstep. So, at the end of a hot English summer's day, what a pleasure to just sit in the dark and simply LISTEN to this new CD. I haven't done that to a new CD for long time. Fantastic !
The whole band excel themselves on this album.

Uriah Heep are back, first album in 10 years and best album in nearly 20. Record company probs aside (those who would only fund a series of annual acoustic live sets), it's good to see the band signed to a major label....it's a great album, a solid feel throughout. Not so progressive, but thoroughly enjoyable.Get Ready to Rock

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