Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ten Concert Riders From the Most Spoilt Stars of Rock !

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1. Iggy Pop
(he was joking )

A Bob Hope impersonator and broccoli “cut into individual florets and thrown immediately into the garbage”.

Dressing room to "look less like a typical rock & roll dressing room," "just let someone loose with a little bit of artistic flair...Er, do you know any homosexuals?"

A "copy of USA Today that's got a story about morbidly obese people in it"

"No toy robots, television evangelists ... No plastic seahorses, no bailiwicks, crepescules (sic) or kooks."

2. Van Halen

A bowl of M&M's in their tour rider, with all the brown ones removed. Later they claimed it was to check managment was reading their contract properly

3. The Rolling Stones

They asked if they could have all the brown ones removed for Van Halen. They later presented Dave with a fleet of Volkswagen Beetles painted brown and embellished with the M&M logo

4. Peter Gabriel

"MASSAGE: A female; Must have a relaxing/deep muscle massage in a hippy style!!! Must be ready to DO Peter at 6:20pm for 1 hour."

5. Alabama

No animals at any time or they will NOT perform

6. Paul McCarteny

"No trees please! We want plants that are just as full on the bottom as the top such as bamboo, peace lilies, etc. No tree trunks!"

7. Foreigner

Twelve blueberry pies for an end of concert pie fight

8. Robbie Williams

A Japanese ceremonial tea set, a Formula 1 Scaletrix racing game; Dr Scholl sandals complete with foot powder; Mr Kipling's fondant fancies; a small packet of Dreft hand washing powder; two pump action water pistols with a range of at least ten metres; fresh starfruit (“superstar size”); and a game of table-top blow football with one team in the colours of Port Vale

9. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Dressing room be transformed into a Sixties-style hippie “hash den”, with drapes, mood lighting and candles

10. U2

Recarpeting the entire back stage area in green carpet

Image: Arista

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