Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lemmy: The Movie Due for Release 2009


Lemmy von Motorhead, former roadie for Jimi Hendrix, former member of space-rock band Hawkind, front man for the band he personally wanted to call 'Bastard', musical guest on 80's cult comedy "The Young Ones", the only artists Beavis and BUtthead didnt make fun of, 'bedder' of over 2000 women, anarchist and collector of Nazi memorobilia.............

......(by the way Lemmy's name comes from "Lemme a quid til Friday" due to his habit of borrowing money off of people to feed his addiction to fruit machines)

....well it seems Director/producers Greg Oliver and Wes Orshoski have just revealed that they will make a movie of Lemmy's life.

The movie will be in documentary format, featuring interviews from Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai and WWE Superstar Triple H. A 2009 release date is expected.

Image: Courtesy ZYX

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