Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Look Them Straight in the Eye and Say...Pogue Mahone [The Pogues BOX SET] Due June 17 2008

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If you are a fan of the drunken Irish punk of the Pogues you would be crazy not to buy the box set due out very soon on Rhino. Check out the info below from Rhino: three quarters of the 5 cd's are previously unreleased. This is the Pogues version of Van the man's Philosopher's Stone or Dylan's bootleg Box Set. Wooohooo !

Remarkable 2008 five CD box by The Pogues, at least three quarters of which comprises previously unreleased material while the remainder is made up of decidedly hard-to-find Pogues' rarities. Compiled by The Pogues with track by track annotations from Phil Chevron, there are a bountiful 111 tracks from 1983 demos (pre-dating their first recordings for Stiff Records) through to live recordings from 2001 Just Look Them Straight In The Eye is an absolute treasure trove of unreleased recordings for all Pogues' fans, spanning their entire career and featuring rehearsal recordings, B-sides, out-takes, rare mixes, BBC sessions plus recordings with Steve Earle, Joe Strummer and, of course, Kirsty MacColl. Alongside these are unreleased soundtrack recordings from Sid and Nancy, Garbo and Straight To Hell, alternate versions of Pogues' classics like "Fairy Tale Of New York" and "Rainy Night In Soho" and a generous selection of live recordings. Rhino UK.

Image: Courtesy MCA

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