Monday, June 2, 2008

Bo Diddley Dies

Stroke ... legendary musician Bo Diddley in 2006.

Bo Diddley is a key figure in the history of rock, widely seen as one of the main artists to effect the transition from blues to rock and roll.

He was well known for the "Bo Diddley beat," a rumba-like sound also known as a "shave and a haircut" beat

He took violin lessons as a youth, but was inspired to become a guitarist after seeing John Lee

His trademark instrument is the rectangular-bodied Gretsch, the "The Twang Machine", one he played for over 50 years.

I was lucky enough to see him at the east Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay, Australia a few years ago, where he put on quite a show. He showed that he was young at heart, even having a go at rap !

In May 17 this year he had a massive stroke and heart attack. On June 2, he sufferred heart failure and died at his home in Archer, Florida

God Bless You Bo Diddley.

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