Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who Loves Electric Wizard? Doom Masters

Who actually needs drugs when you can listen to a band like the formidable Electric Wizard, the sludgiest metal band of all time.

Their 1997 album 'Come My Fanatics" is probably one of the heaviest albums of the nineties, down-tuned, bass-heavy, psychedelic, droning Sabbathesque guitars, glorious !

They were formed, paradoxically, in lovely Dorset, England in 1993 and have at times been plagued by many set backs, marijuana possession, arrest for assaulting a police officer, a sentence for robbery, a collapsed eardrum during a concert, and a severed a fingertip, a broken collarbone in a motorcycle accident.........

In terms of genre you might call it doom metal (with sludge and stoner traits), call it what you will but it's purely hypnotic

Image: Courtesy Rise Above

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