Sunday, May 25, 2008

June 2008 Metal Madness: So Many New Releases So Little Time !

Image:CitizenBrain Cover.jpg

Late May and June heralds an absolute avalanche of new metal releases

1 Nostradamus Judas Priest

Probably the most keenly awaited, I have heard the title track and I'm not so sure, can Judas Priest do pompous prog metal, the answer may be "stick to what you do best"

2. Prevail Kataklysm

Canadian metal, famous for the drummers 'blast beats" and the creative use of movie clips in their songs: ("you lookin' at me !")

3 Indestructable Disturbed


Chicago metal band critisised sometimes for not being heavy enough; tell that to their cuddly friend above !!!

4 My Skin is Cold (Single) Satyricon

Norwegian medievil metal, their last album "Now, Diabolical" was critisised for being to radio-friendly, having listened to them I'm not so sure; too much 'evil' in the medievil for my liking

5 Land Tyr

Image:Týr - Land.jpg

Folk metal, again from Scandinavia, inspired by Norse mythology ( you do !)

6. Reborn Northern Kings


Il Divo of metal, four dudes sing together like metal Pavarotti et al

7. Iron Will Grand Magus

Swedish Doom (what is it with these Scandinavians; it's dark all year in winter in certain parts, like Lapland)

8. Citizen Brain Gama Bomb

British and Irish thrash a la Slayer and Megadeth (ie: pussies according to the guys who critisise Disturbed and Satyricon

Image: Courtesy Earache/Napalm/Reprise

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Bruce said...

New Disturbed? Sweet; I'll have to keep an eye out for it. 'Course, living in the musical black hole that I do, it'll be September before we see it, probably. Thanks for the heads up...