Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who Loves Captain Beyond ? Lost Supergroup

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Captain Beyond was a hard rock Supergroup formed at the beginning of the 70's by Rod Evans, the forgotten vocalist of Deep Purple ('Hush"): he joined guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt, bassist Lee Dorman from the psychedelic Iron Butterfly and Bobby Caldwell on drums who later made it big with Johnny Winter (Boz Scaggs also joined for a while)

Their debut album, Captain Beyond, is considered one of the lost classics of the 70's, a riff driven suite, progressive but highly listenable

Their jazzier second, Sufficiently Breathless is also extremely good, particularly the track 'Distant Sun". Their third album Dawn Explosion, decreased in quality, perhaps due to constant line-up changes.

The band reformed in '98 with Reinhardt and Caldwell, Jimi Interval on vocals, Dan Frye on keyboards, and Jeff Artabasy on bass debuting on the same bill as Deep Purple at the 1999 Sweden Rock Festival

Image: Courtesy Capricorn

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BSMC said...

Hello Paul & Dave. You say that Boz Scaggs joined Captain Beyond for a short while? Do you have any additional information on that? No recording done with the guys?