Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three New Heart Releases Remastered May 13, June 3, 2008

The brilliant band, Heart are set to release three albums in preperation for a US National Tour this summer

1. Epic/Legacy will release Little Queen (1977) and Dog & Butterfly (1979) combined into one and remastered May 13. The pack will also include five extra tracks, including a"Stairway To Heaven." live

2. Heart will join the Epic/Legacy Playlist series on the same date, a best of remastered and ready for digital download with pdf files on the band

3. Jupiter's Darling (2004) will also be released again

Heart will be joining Jourey and Cheap Trick for the tour.

June 3 also spells the release of Journey's "Revelation", three-disc CD/DVD package set for release June 3

Image: Courtesy Portrait

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