Friday, May 30, 2008

Rock Revival's Ultimate Headbanger's Heavy Metal Playlist

Sludge metal, symphonic metal, power metal, speed metal, industrial metal, stoner metal, nu metal, post-metal, viking metal, math metal, black metal, doom metal, glam metal, death metal, thrash, gothic metal, classic metal, new wave of British metal; the list goes on................

Whatever you call it, here's our Ultimate heavy metal Playlist

1 Melvins Revolve
2 System of a Down Chop Suey
3 Corosion of Conformity Clean My Wounds
4 Rollins Band Grip
5 Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots
6 Anthrax Got the Time
7 Paradise Lost Isolate
8 Judas Priest Exciter
9 Fireball Ministry King
10 Atreyu Lip Gloss and Black
11 Motorhead Louie Louie
12 Die Krupps Metal Machine Music
13 In Flames Moonshield
14 Black Sabbath NIB
15 Apocalyptica Seamann
16 Mushroomhead Nowhere to Go
17 UFO Rock Bottom
18 Metallica Sanitarium
19 Mindless Self Indulgence Plant of the Apes
20 Revolution is my Name Pantera
21 Bongzilla Sacred Smoke
22 Probot (plus Lemmy) Shake Your Blood
23 Sheavy Electric Sheep
24 Spirit Caravan Spirit Caravan
25 Static X The Enemy
26 Rammstein Stripped
27 Saxon Man and Machine
28 Sonata Artica Die with You Boots on
29 Nebula Carpe Deum
30 Voivod We Carry On
31 Tristiana Excalibur
32 Electric Wizard Funeralopolis
33 Manowar The Gods Made Heavy Metal
34 White Zombie Astrocreep
35 Napalm Death The Silence is Deafening
36 Ayreon Day 14-Pride
37 Dragonforce Soldiers of the Wasteland
38 Dream Theatre Erotomania
39 Epica Death of a Dream
40 Goblin Phenomena
41 Stratovarius Phoenix
42 Avenged Sevenfld Burn it Down
43 Diamond Head Am I Evil
44 Fear Factory Body Hammer
45 Haste Dredge This Wound
46 Kamelot Karma
47 Six Feet Under Back in Black
48 Black Label Society Suicide Messiah
49 Demons and Wizards Immigrant Song
50 Edguy Lavatory Love Machine

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