Friday, May 30, 2008

Rock Revival's Top 25 Progressive Rock Album's of All Time

This one is tough, I have had to think it through for quite a while, given how committed fans are to specific records and given the massive number of options available.

I have left out some of the most obvious and overplayed albums ("Dark Side of the Moon", boring after 178 plays!).

I've left our all the Italian stuff, which I don't know much about; plus Amon Duul which I havent heard, or rather tried and gave up.

I know Van Der Graaf Generator should be in but I'm not much of a fan.

Rest assured this is Rock Revival's favourite, rather than the favourite of every prog fan in the universe.

1 Aqualung: Jethro Tull

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2 Relayer: Yes

3 The Power and the Glory: Gentle Giant

4 Court of the Crimson King King Crimson

5 Misplaced Childho0d: Marillion

(what a brilliant piece of crossover, the album with Kayleigh and alot more)

6 Genesis: The Lamb Lays Down....

7 Animals: Pink Floyd

(because the others have been played to death)

8 Deloused at the Comatorium: Mars Volta

(wow ! there are no weak points on this entire album)

9 Permanent Waves: Rush

(pop without losing an inch of prog, complete with changeing time signatures, even a bit of reggae)

10 Magicians Birthday: Uriah Heep

11Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: Flaming Lips

(does this fit !)

12 Spirals in Hyperspace: Ozric Tentacles

( ? personal taste)

13 Behind the Music: Soundtrack of Our Lives

(close to prog, but still heavily influenced by it, their first album was more classic prog)

14 Octivarium: Dream Theatre

15 The Roaring Silence: Manfred Man's Earth Band

16 Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Rick Wakeman

17 Warchild: Jethro Tull

(this and 18 are massively under rated)

18 Tormato: Yes

19 Liquid Tension Experiment I

20 Pampered Menial: Pavlov's Dog

21 Camel: Moon Madness1

22 Fantasmogoria: Curved Air

23 In Absentia: Porcupine Tree

24 Alan Parsons Project Turn of a Friendly Card

25 Day For Night: Spock's Beard

(check out our interview with Alan Morse)

Images: Courtesy Reprise/EMI /Decca /Mercury/Atlantic/Island/Harvest/Charisma /Universal/ Warner Brothers/Anthem/Magna Carta/Arista/Lava/Bronze/Island/A&M/Metal Blade


Opeth Band said...

Check here also the list of top 2008 progressive rock albums.

J.C. Ferrell said...

Great list - not a bad job of finding great bands and maybe some of the lesser known or appreciated albums - The Yes pics were very good - I might have added 'Talk'

I would also add a Todd Rundgren selection - maybe 'Todd' or Wizard a True Star' - also PFM Live

Thanks for reminding me of several great albums I've forgotten and several I am not 'yet' familiar with.

=^. .^=

ZuzoBem Gara said...

1970 - Atom Heart Mother:Pink Floyd
1971 - Nursery Cryme: Genesis
1973 - Brain Salad Surgery: EL&P
1983 - Script for a Jester's Tear: Marillion

Anonymous said...

An article I wrote back in 2005. I can't believe some of these folks aren't included; also: so many of the "Canterbury Scene", ie. Hatfield and the North, Matching Mole, National Health [probably the greatest Prog musicians in history!] -- and so many more from that area of England. Thanks for your list, though, and I hope you find some of these folks and they give you some new bliss.


Anonymous said...

I am totally disagree!My top 25 OF ALL TIME
1. Van der graaf Generator- Pawn hearts
2.King Crimson- Lizard
3.Camel - Mirage
4 Genesis- Foxtrot
5. Bubu-Anabelas
6.King Crimson-Larks
7.Harmonium -Si on Avait...
8.VDGG- Godbluff
9.Gentle Giant - The Power...
11.Comus-First Utterance
12.Gryphon -Red Queen...
13.Camel- Moonmadness
16.Yezda Urfa -Boris
17.Peter Hammill The silent...
18.Supersister- Present...
19.Amon Duul II- Phalus...
20.Circus- Movin'on
21.Jan Dukes de Grey- Mice...
22.Haizea- Hontz Gaua
23.Univers Zero- Uzed
24.Algarnas Tradgard- Dlayed
25. Pentacle -La Clef..