Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Ten Bands to Use Unusual Instruments

Rock was built on the idea of guitar, bass, drums and vocals but this certainly hasn't stopped so many artists from experimenting with every instrument under the sun. From the Beach Boy's Theremin to Apocalyptica's Cellos you can pretty much make rock on anything that makes a noise. Here's our top ten examples:

1. Fleetwood Mac

6 panes of glass {shattered at the end of Gold Dust Woman}
Leg of lamb
Pencil dropped onto a chair
Empty Kleenex boxes
Back of a chair
Drum pads in Mick Fleetwood's waistcoat

2. Blackmore's Night

Hurdy Gurdy

3. Pink Floyd

Clinking glasses and Rice Crispies popping

4. Grateful Dead

Mickey Hart plays the iron bar

5. The Cure

A child's piano, Kazoos, McDonald's milkshakes (they moved the straws up and down to get the Kazoo noise)

6. Sepultura

The excellent sounding Brazilian intrument, the Berimbau

7. Van Halen

Electric Drill on Poundcake

8. AC/DC

Bagpipes (It's A Long Way To The Top)

9. Beach Boys

Theramin, the only intrument you play without touching it, on Good Vibrations

10. Elton John

Jean Luc Ponty plays electric violin on Honky Chateau album to great effect

Image: Courtesy Warner Bros

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