Monday, May 5, 2008

Melodic Rock Rules OK !

Recently I had a pretty unnerving experience; I went on to the website and realised I had never heard of 99% of the bands featured; that's a bit scary, I thought I was doing pretty well in keeping up but here's a whole genre I knew nothing about.

Ok, I know Journey, Heart, Winger but not the massive number of contemporary bands, thousands, still producing melodic rock.

I approached the music with a bit of scepticism, but actually found it to be pretty astounding; bands like Brother Firetribe, the Poodles, Harem Scarem, Pretty Maids.

I know what your thinking; Paul's gone soft, this is snag music, I thought he liked Black Label Society, but I dare you to try some of these bands out without judgement, I'm pretty surprised and excited to listen to something that I haven't heard a hundred times before......

Try it out, go on.....

Images: Courtesy Spinefarm

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