Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wishbone Ash Two New Releases 'Tender' and 'Tough' May 19 2008

Wishbone Ash were massive in the mid-1970’s but have faded into the history books and are virtually unheard of by many younger rock fans. Less posing than much of prog at the time, more relaxed than hard rock, they added a luxurious folk and even jazz feel to the classic rock sound.

They are most famous for inventing the twin guitar sound, picked up by Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest, to great effect.

Their album Argus (see post) is also considered one of the masterpieces of 70’s rock

They have just announced the release of two compilation albums due on May 19 2008

Tender is the quieter more reflective side of the band with the classic ballads and more mellow tracks

'Tough' features the rock side of the band

# Mountainside
# Wait out the storm
# Almighty Blues
# Changing Tracks
# Ancient Remedy
# Eyes Wide open
# The Power
# Healing Ground
# In Crisis

# Top of the World
# The Ring
# Faith Hope and Love
# Loose Change
# Dreams Outta Dust
# Disappearing
# The Raven
# Everybody Needs a Friend

Image: Courtesy WishboneAsh.com

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