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Who Loves the Alan Parsons Project ? Tour Dates May to Sept 2008

There are not many musicians who had a more prestigious start to their musical career than Alan Parsons. He worked as an engineer on the Beatles Let it Be album, on Paul McCarteny's early solo records and on the brilliant All Things Must Pass by George Harrison.

"I couldn't have asked for a better grounding in recording - after all not many engineers got to work the greatest rock act of all time".

He also worked with the Hollies, including He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother and The Air That I Breathe and most famously was the engineer behind one of the greatest albums of all time: Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon

His 'band', the Alan Parson's Project, debuted in 1976 with Tales of Mystery and Imagination (based on Edgar Allan Poe's work) and went on to release I, Robot (Isaac Asimov), Pyramid, The Turn of a Friendly Card, Games People Play, Eye in the Sky and many more pop infused concept albums.

The amazing thing about APP is that while Alan occasionally played keyboards and guitar it was essentially a forum for a wide range of brilliant musicians, including Arthur Brown, ex-Zombie Colin Blunstone, Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley, the Hollies' Allan Clarke and guitarist Ian Bairnson. Alan's job was as producer and writer, leaving the musicianship to the experts.

Since his heyday in the late 70's and early 80's he has continued to record ( On Air in 1996 and The Time Machine in 1999), toured globally and played live with Ringo Starr, Yes, Kansas, Alice Cooper, John Entwistle and Ann Wilson.

In 2004 he also made A Valid Path, an album that ventured into electronica with guests, The Crystal Method, Shpongle, and Uberzone and Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour.

His current tour schedule is as follows:

May 3 - Seoul, Korea - Olympic Stadium - Flower Power Festival
June 6 & 7 - John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Reno, NV
July 1 - Barcelona, Spain - Luz De Gas
July 3 - Heerhugoward, Netherlands - Waerdse Tempel
July 4 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Concertgebouw De Vereeniging
July 5 - Ulm, Germany - Ulmer Zelt
September 12 - APLP Humphreys by the Bay, San Diego CA
September 13 - Boulder Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
September 25 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Pepsi on Stage
September 26 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Vivo Rio
September 27 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Tom Brasil
September 28 - Curitiba, Brazil - Teatro Guaira

For more info go to Alan Parsons website

Image: Courtesy Arista

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