Friday, April 25, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Twenty Rock Vocalists Singers of All Time

It's with great trepidation that I post this, people can be very protective of their own favourites, but here goes...........

1-Ronnie James Dio ('Children of the Sea' ? Best performance ?)
2-Robert Plant (listen to Kashmir off the Unledded album, woahh !)
3-Paul Rodgers (white soul at it's greatest, spoiled with Queen, go solo mate !)
4-Janis Joplin (Summertime blows them all away)
5-Roger Daltrey (powerpacked on Baba O'Reilly)
6-Rod Stewart (ok, sucks now but pure dirty rock with The Faces)
7-David Coverdale (Plant called him "David Cover-version" for copying him, VERY unfair)
8-Bon Scott (straight from the pub to you)
9-Joe Cocker ('With a Little Help From My Friends" @ Woodstock)
10-Freddie Mercury ("Somebody to Love")
11-Johnny Cash (on the American Series it's simple, moving, a grown man not a teenager)
12-Klause Meine (check out Acoustica, great recent live album)
13-Ian Gillan ("Child in Time" is brilliant)
14-Ann Wilson (another one who has been compared to Plant)
15-James Hetfield (maybe just on cd, saw them live and very shaky)
16-Ian Astbury (love the album Ceremony)
17-Phil Lynott (say no more)
18-Eddie Vedder (serious, deep, powerful)
19-Jimmy Barnes (great aussie shouter)
20-Zakk Wylde (versatile, from southern rock, to metal ballad to flat-out)

Image: Swan Song

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