Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rules For Discussing Indie Music ? Check Out StuffWhitePeopleLike !

Check out this post on StuffWhitePeopleLike , it's a very funny site, here's a snippet;

"BE WARNED, talking about Indie Music with white people is perhaps the most dangerous subject you touch upon. One false move and you will lose their respect and admiration forever. Here are some general rules

* Bands that have had their songs in an Apple ad are still marginally acceptable
* Bands that have had their songs in ads for other companies are not acceptable
* If you mention a band you like and the other person has heard of them, you lose. They own you. It is essential that you like the most obscure music possible.

Remember, popular artists can turn unpopular in a heartbeat (Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes, The Strokes), so you would be best to stick to the following statements: “I love the Arcade Fire,” “I still think the Montreal scene is the best in the world,” “I would die without Stereogum or Fluxblog“* and “Joanna Newsom is maybe the most original artist today.”

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