Thursday, April 3, 2008

Robert Plant Thinks Radiohead Are Boring

I missed this when it was published on in January: What do you think ?

"Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant labelled Radiohead “crap” while out drinking in north London at the weekend, according to The Sun’s Buzarre column.
According to the paper, Plant was drinking with a woman and demanded that the music playing in the pub was changed. Apparently Plant described Radiohead as “rhyming crap”, and also rubbished Red Hot Chili Peppers (whose music he likened to a nursery rhyme) before settling on Captain Beefheart"

Personally, while I am not going to deify Radiohead (who are brilliant by the way) this is the kind of attitude that justifies people's view of Baby Boomers as Rock Triumphalists, as Rock Curmudgeons who think the world stopped in 1970

That doesnt mean that it's not worth reviving (hence this site), it just means that in 2050 it is ok for other old fogies to revive Radiohead, Ryan Adams, The Streets,ect.

Image: Courtesy Atlantic


Jeff said...

While I think Radiohead is an amazing band I don't think there is any problem with this. He said this in private, it wasn't like he was giving an interview or something. I say certain kind of music is crap all the time, even when it is highly regarded. I don't think anyone should slam him for voicing his opinion, he wasn't going out to publicly bash Radiohead.

Rockandrollguru said...

We rock curmudgeons don't all think that the world stopped in 1970. Some of us believe it was 1980:) Rock on!