Monday, April 7, 2008

News Flash: Elvis Worshipped as a Deity in India

Elvis may be dead but he is still being worshipped as a deity in India. V.N. Gajarajan (also known as Rosemars) from Bangalore, India describes himself as 'a fervid devotee of late Elvis Aaron Presley of U.S.A. and Her Royal Highness, Diana the Princess of Wales" and also as a "physiognomist, sooth sayer and oneiroscopist."

He has developed a pretty amazing website where he discusses his worship and it's rationale in some detail

"I am Rosemars from Bangalore India. I do not call myself a fan of Elvis. It will be a sacrilege because I am his worshipper. I knew Elvis thousands of years ago when he was not Elvis and I was not Rosemars"

Followed by:

"When Jesus was born, three wise men from the east followed His star. So it is Rosemars from the east who followed the star of Elvis to find who Elvis was, very, very long time ago."

and then:

"Any one who wants to challange me in this for a verbal duel are welcome"

Well I say good on you mate ! At least he is being honest (see last post)

Personally I would rather worship Van Morrison

Image: Courtesy RCA

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