Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beatles Go Emo ? Does Panic at the Disco's New Album Sound Beatle-Ish ?

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Emo band Panic at the Disco's new album ‘Pretty Odd’ (released March 25) is said to be influenced by the Beatles sound.

Parts of the the album were recorded at Abbey studios but thats not the only parrallel: according to Washington Post the songs sound like "neo-psychedelic pocket symphonies", with "baroque instrumentation (fluegelhorn!), songwriting (less wordy, more obtuse) and vocal phrasing (streamlined) to the Beatlesque chord progressions, melodies, hooks and stacked vocal harmonies".

"You don't know if they're comparing you in a good way to The Beatles, or if they are trying to accuse you of ripping off something." says vocalist Brendan Urie......"They are an inspiration to all of us but not in the way of a melody which we'd wanna steal but more in the way of being inspired to do something creative."

Image: Courtesy Decaydance Records

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D.M. Bruenjes said...

For about a whole day of listening to this album I did notice that it seemed to have some sort of Beatles sound to it.
After reading this article I now see that i'm not the only one. I am an intense Beatles fan and I probably know every word to over one hundred of their songs.
When a band claims to have Beatles inspiration I tend to shrug it off but this was the first time i've heard a well done album that isn't quite a tribute but only in its own sense.
I say Kudos to the new Panic at their new success with there new sound.