Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Music: Your Ten Second Web Tour

Is it possible to tell what is "Bad Music" and what is "Good Music" ?

Is it all relative to taste and life experience or can we be objective about it ?

Why, for example does Something Awful's attempt to suggest that the albums on the top of most lists for the best ever................suck

"This abomination is placed pretty highly on just about every album list I’ve ever seen. Usually in the top five, even. Nowadays, Pet Sounds has all the cultural relevance of a dog food commercial. It’s an elaborate symphony of merry, jingling pap, filled with goofy noises and men with extremely high voices........... critics are fascinated by Brian Wilson because he is a loony idiot savant, and everybody knows that loony idiot savants make the best music. They refuse to admit that the album is merely a syrupy and overblown testament to one man’s meticulous studio habits.............. "

Here he goes again.......

"...........all I can say is that Revolver marked the exact turning point at which the Beatles turned into hippies and all was lost and rock and roll never fully regained its dignity........."


More like exile on lame street. Oh god, where am I going with this? (we all know which album he is referring to)

and should these sites be allowed to exsist ?

1. Anti-Bad Music

2. Bad Music

3. You Have Bad Taste in Music

is this good music..............

Image:Rihanna - A Girl Like Me.jpg

maybe music taste is genetic ? (here)

what's the agenda here

anyway back to writing lists

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